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For over two decades, our passion for helping executives and teams reach their potential has never wavered. Our team is built on global experience that defies boundaries. Learn more about the range of perspectives our team offers.


Extra Edge

We believe everyone has the potential to discover their edge(s), which is why we offer a broad range of tools and assessments for growth. Are you ready for an Extra Edge?


WE2 Summit

Embark on a personal and professional journey to peak performance

We are launching a women’s executive edge conference where like-minded women can connect in a setting conducive to networking and focusing on their own growth. Women will build on their leadership strengths in order to leave a mark within their organizations.

Check us out in Dallas fall 2017 and New York City spring 2018.


ZIG360 (coming Soon)

Success is in your relationships — who knows you and who they know. ZIG360 is more than a networking app. It’s a user-friendly tactical tool that keeps you on track to manage and leverage your relationships. ZIG360 is a visual representation of your goals, your influencers and who can help you or hold you back.

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